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Henan Hezhong Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful mountain, which is a famous tourist mecca. It is one of the professional manufacturers of silicon carbon rod and silicon carbide reaction sintering protection tube and molybdenum carbon rod for industrial electric furnace and electric furnace. Our factory produces [Zhong Yue brand] industrial electric furnace with high temperature components products. The silicon carbon rod, silicon molybdenum rod is divided into: diameter silicon carbon rod coarse end rod, gun type silicon carbon rod, three-phase silicon carbon rod, U type silicon carbon rod, five section silicon carbon rod, thread silicon carbon rod, groove silicon carbon rod eight kinds, industrial high temperature electric furnace package: experimental furnace, Muffle furnace, annealing furnace, resistance furnace, •; Trolley furnace; , vacuum furnace; Melting furnace; Furnace accessories furnace equipment; Well furnace; Box-type furnace product quality is stable and reliable, best-selling all over the country, and exported to Europe, America and many countries and regions in Southeast Asia, deeply trusted by users. Main customers: electric furnace, super hard material factory, daily ceramic factory, sucker rod factory, alumina ceramic factory Two, silicon carbide heating element (silicon carbon rod heater, SiC Heater) coarse end type (CD type) silicon carbon rod, straight rod type (GD type) silicon carbon rod, U type silicon carbon rod, W type (three-phase type) silicon carbon rod, thread type silicon carbon rod, five section silicon carbon rod (two heating parts, used for double channel furnace); Diameter 8~40mm of various specifications of the product. Three, silicon carbide reaction sintering products The beam, carborundum roller, sic heating accidentally protection tube, etc., our factory production equipment, advanced technology, complete testing equipment, and has a group of high-quality engineering and technical personnel, high-quality staff and advanced technology, excellent equipment, perfect union created "zhong" brand products are excellent quality. Zhongyue silicon carbon rod heating element will be your first choice!
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