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  • Precautions for sintered flux before use

  • Welding flux for steel structure welding

  • Welding wire for submerged arc welding agen

Company Profile

Henan Hezhong environmental protection materials Co., Ltd. (Dongfeng welding materials) is a professional unit producing and developing all kinds of flux, including submerged arc flux and sintered flux. Relying on strong technical strength, huge production scale and rigorous and scientific management, the company has developed into a strong player in the industry. The company has two production lines for smelting submerged arc flux and sintered flux, Specializing in the production of flux for welding spiral pipe, flux for welding steel structure, flux for welding pressure vessel, flux for steel bar butt welding and flux for roller section surfacing, with an annual output of 150000t and high-standard chemical and physical testing facilities, the company has passed iso9001-20008 quality system certification of China Classification Society and has the right of independent import and export of foreign trade


The company is located in the hinterland of the Central Plains, at the intersection of meter type high-speed arteries, with convenient transportation. Welcome new and old customers at home and abroad. Our purpose is to ensure the qualification of products with character and customer satisfaction with service. The company's main products are sintered flux and smelting submerged arc flux. The specific models are: sj501, sj301, sj101, sj101g, sj102 Sj106, SJ601, HJ431, HJ350, hj331, hj330, hj260, hj251, HJ107 and special flux F18 - Ⅲ for electroslag pressure welding all comply with national standards. Now they are widely used in steel structure manufacturing, repair and surfacing of pressure vessels, ships, bridges, petrochemical pipelines, metallurgical rollers and other wear-resistant workpieces. They have stable customers and have been highly praised. The company can also develop various types of flux with special requirements for special materials for customers.